THRIVE is a holistic education program for middle and high school students that promotes positive relationships. Our presentations are offered at no cost to schools and community groups in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

What is the THRIVE education program?

At THRIVE, we utilize a Whole Person Health approach which incorporates these six areas: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and financial. These focal points are interconnected and promote a well-rounded approach to life and relationships.  At THRIVE, we teach students to see themselves as a whole person in order to achieve optimal health and whole-hearted living.

REAL Essentials
sexual health education

Our program uses the popular REAL Essentials curriculum published by The Center for Relationship Education. Schools and community organizations throughout the United States have been using this peer-reviewed resource for over two decades because it is consistently reliable, relevant and respectful. Our desire is for all young people to THRIVE not just survive in their relationships and lives.

Our Program Explores


Risk Prevention Strategies

Navigating Conflict

Relationship Red Flags

Setting Boundaries

Understanding Consent

Friendship, Dating & Love

Media Influences

Breakup Skills

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Presentations from THRIVE empower, encourage and educate students to desire, value and seek out healthy relationships.

Our certified Program Educators offer fun, engaging presentations that foster resilience, helping young people navigate today’s challenges. The stressors of post-COVID norms have included increased vulnerability to risky behaviors. As trauma-informed professionals, we partner with schools and community organizations to provide social and emotional health through relationship education.

“Teacher Talk”

What Local Public School Teachers are Saying:

“Students find it stressful to ask their parents about this topic and sometimes resort to finding their own answers through friends or the internet which obviously can’t always be trusted. Therefore, with this opportunity, you know that students will be getting factual information provided by THRIVE.”

“The information presented was very relevant for teens today and for some, was an eye opener. It was presented in an appropriate manner, and it was well received by our students.”

“The content is relevant; the stats are up-to-date. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but also very comfortable working with teens. The programs THRIVE offers are a great supplement to our current curriculum and reinforce what we are teaching. We have been using THRIVE for years and will definitely continue utilizing their services.”

“They provide a non-intimidating and fun atmosphere that the students really enjoy. This is not just another lesson; it’s a lesson that students talk about and look forward to. Many students have admitted that it’s difficult to discuss this topic with their parents or guardians and this lesson really teaches them some valuable information that will help them in the present and in the future. I can tell that the instructors from THRIVE are committed to their work and love their job.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are THRIVE’s programs funded?

THRIVE receives private donations and has also partnered with Penn’s Youth Initiative, a grant collaborative currently funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration: Children & Families Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) specific for Sexual Risk Avoidance Education.

Does THRIVE’s programming meet state health standards?

Absolutely. Real Essentials is in alignment with the CDC Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT).

Is there any data showing the success of THRIVE’s programming?

Please see this graphic:

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Where is the THRIVE office located?

THRIVE has two locations: Hamburg, Pennsylvania and Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

All youth deserve information and skills to achieve healthy relationships and optimal sexual health. Contact us today to learn more about THRIVE:

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